Monday, January 11, 2010

Ask me anything – Go ahead – ask me!---- DOG CHAT

I think any mother will agree that no matter what is going on in a family, no matter who is doing what, or where, when a question comes up the buck always stops at her door. That is the case in our home. If something is broken, or lost, or missing, or needs to be fed, watered, walked, diapered, or rocked to sleep, it always seems to wind up in my arms.

And so when my daughters, Zoe and Demi, began Puppy Pawz and walking dogs for dough, it only seemed natural that I would fill in the blanks. Baxter, an English springer spaniel, and his little sister Chloe (part Yorkshire terrier, part havanese) are regulars here at the Ellis home.

They are certainly beloved by my daughters, and there is plenty of walking and playing going on. But when the girls turn to other things, like friends and the computer, the puppies turn to me. Baxter loves to come down stairs and sit beside my sewing machine, in the thread, and wiggle until I scratch his back. Chloe can’t get down the stairs, but cries at the top for me to come up and spend some time with her. And of course it goes without saying, if anyone is coming in with a messy bottom, I'm the one who does the cleaning up!

We knew the dogs were part of our life when we won a free sitting at the portrait studio in the mall, and we thought we'd include them too.

I thought Dog Chat would be a nice place to share your puppy experiences, and even answer a question or two. What’s that? We already have 2 furry friends that have sent in a question for Baxter and Chloe?

Dear Chloe,
I hear you visit a home where any time, day or night, a meat ball could wind up on the floor. Is this the place they call 'heaven'?
--A schnauzer in Saskatchewan

To: Schnauze. Yes, a meatball or two does tumble down out of the fridge, But I have to be quick. My big brother Baxter tends to get any stray food first. Hugs, Chloe.

Dear Baxter,
Hey, big guy, I'm like you -- my fur coat's a litte...uh...thick in the middle. Now, it's winter and my owner wants to put a doggie coat on me. Should I worry about what it does to my 'fightin' physique'?---- A boxer in Brooklyn

Hey Box, Fit is everything! As long as the lines are sleek, you can look manly in a fur’s fur coat.
Stay tuned to this Blog for fashions for our furry friends… LB BOW WOW… sometime soon!

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  1. Hey Chloe...Baxter...

    Please tell me these free picture things only happen in Canada. If my family finds out about this, I will be dragged to the mall, and they might even finally put me in one of those costumes they keep threatening to make me wear.

    Kitty don't do malls.

    Yours...Mickie da Cat