Sunday, January 10, 2010

Janet - What Could I Possibly Have to Say?

When my sister Diana, first suggested the idea of a blog, I equated it with the spacebook wall of friends that my 15 year old daughter has. Not that there is anything wrong with facebook, or my space, but I was concerned that I wouldn’t have time for the daily upkeep.

“I won’t have to tweeter or anything like that, will I”, I asked. “I don’t have to post pictures of me in my grade 8 graduation dress, or ask everyone to comment on the current color and length of my hair, do I?”

“No”, my sister assured me “we’ll talk about La Boutique and the creative process. And we’ll invite people to share in that experience. You’ll like it, you’ll see!”.

And so I agreed, and I signed up; and I have to admit, it’s a good idea. Diana is a wonderful witty writer, and I laugh at all her stories. She retells our past so well, that it almost sounds like it was fun! And I guess it was, and if nothing else, it bonded us as sisters, and made La Boutique possible.

We often joke that we think with one brain. Now if that is true, then we really are each different sides of the brain. I am the fabric side, and Diana is the artistic accessory side. And somehow we come together each month and create a collection of fashions and accessories, most often led by the style of a designer purse, and manage to not kill eachother!

So I’ll do my part, and we’ll take lots of pictures and let everyone in on our fabric shopping trips and the designs we draw, and the drama at home, and even a bit of ‘dogchat’ with Baxter and Chloe – the 2 puppies my daughters walk and dogsit. And it will be a blog….. La Blog!

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